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Notes from the Labyrinth
Unobtainium and Dragons' Bones
It's full of things. 
4th-Aug-2012 10:00 am
mfu: ik-geek
1. The countries of the world in their own names and scripts--plus days, months, planets, and a wonderbox assortment of other proper nouns.

2. The Xerces Society has a whole section on their website about conserving bumblebees.

3. A Typgraphical Glossary--I now know the term for a written language that does not use vowels is an abjad, and that's only the first entry.

4. Nineteenth-century German marzipan makers. (I love this photograph with a love that is pure and true and not smirking even a little bit at the mustaches.)

5. I was looking up Richard Trevithick for reasons which I swear to god are totally research related, and learned that in Cornish mines, his technological children were called puffer whims. ...You're welcome.

Lagniappe: Wooden churches from northern Russia.
7th-Aug-2012 11:35 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the Richard Trevithick link! He interested me enough that I looked around some more, and was mildly astonished to learn that he came from Illogan, the home town of my Cornish great-grandfather (who was a miner).

The Philology Geek sez, Trevithick means something like Big House (the tre prefix means house, as also seen in Trelawney, Trengove, Trewhelly, etc.).

Would love to know why you are researching him but I won't ask!
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