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29th-Aug-2012 09:35 am - Evolution of a Swan
ws: hamlet
Have been sick for a week with a vertigo-inducing virus. So of course I'm watching ballet dancers.

This is a lovely little article about Anna Pavlova, and the fact that you can find actual footage of her dancing on the internet. I followed Mackell's advice also to watch Lopatkina's Dying Swan and then I followed links, and inadvertently taught myself a tiny bit about the history of ballet in the 20th century.

If you can stand Saint-Saëns 4 times in a row . . .

Here's Pavlova's Dying Swan in 1925.

Here's Maya Plisetskaya in 1959.

Here's Plisetskaya in 1986.

And here's Uliana Lopatkina in 2010.

Lopatkina and Pavlova are very nearly not speaking the same language, but Plisetskaya shows the evolutionary path.
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