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1st-Jun-2014 09:02 am - In memoriam: Jay Lake
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Jay Lake, 1964-2014

I know it's a cliche to quote this poem, but Dylan Thomas was right, goddammit. Rage, rage, against the dying of the light.

Live forever, Jay.
29th-May-2014 07:48 am - An Open Letter to Jay Lake
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Dear Jay,

I hate your cancer with all my heart.

We have never been close friends, but I have always liked and admired you, for your kindness; your generosity; your passion; your mindfulness and devotion to your responsibilities as a parent; your sense of humor and your unerring eye for the ridiculous; your unflagging love of our genre; the courage with which you aver your convictions and engage with those who disagree with you; the way that you make rooms brighter and warmer just by being in them.

You introduced me to the term "faith-based reasoning," which is such a useful and paradigm-shifting cognitive tool I cannot even tell you.

I have the Campbell nomination pin because you decided the Campbell nomination pin should exist and made it be so, and I am grateful.

My life is better because I know you.

Fuck cancer.

26th-May-2014 09:07 am - UBC: Bergen
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Bergen, Doris. Twisted Cross: The German Christian Movement in the Third Reich. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1996.

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ATTENTION WISCON: I will be in the dealers' room Saturday, pretty much from 10-6. You can find me behind elisem's table. Please feel free to stop by, say hello, and/or get me to sign books. WHICH I WILL BE HAPPY--NAY, DELIGHTED!--TO DO.

BONUS MYSTERY OBJECT: I have no idea what this is. It was moving against the current, so I'm guessing it's alive, but educated guesses and wild speculations are all welcome. (And, yes, I am the world's worst (possibly)wildlife photographer.



I mean, yes, turtle, if it is alive. But a kind of peculiar looking turtle if so.
19th-May-2014 12:36 pm - Final guest post
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The last of my guest posts is live at Bibliosanctum, on the court intrigues of the elves and the goblisn.

ICYMI, the master list of all the guest posts and interviews I did for The Goblin Emperor is here.

Also, thank you to everyone who invited me to write something for them!
writing: airship
Thank you to everyone who invited me to write something for them!

Barring other invitations, I've finished doing interviews and posts for The Goblin Emperor. This post is to get all the links in one place, for my benefit primarily, but also for anybody else who's trying to find something.

I believe that's the lot.
writing: katherine
Just a quick reminder that the Bitten by Books chat/AMA event avec moi (as Miss Piggy would say) is today, starting at noon CDT. If you RSVP, you get 25 entries in the giveaway contest: 5 copies of The Goblin Emperor up for grabs. (As I'm writing this at 7:57 a.m. CST, Bitten by Books' site seems to be down. Hopefully, this is a transitory problem.)

Please drop by the chat. I would love to see you all there!
writing: katherine
The Goblin Emperor has gone back for a second printing!

On MAY SIXTH I am doing an AMA-type event at Bitten by Books. We kick off at noon CST and I would love to see you there! ETA: if you RSVP here you get 25 entries in the giveaway contest (5 copies of The Goblin Emperor to give away!) when you show up for the event.

I've done guest posts at:

And interviews with:

I will have at least four more guest posts and a podcast interview appearing like daffodils in the month of May.

And just a reminder, because seriously this cannot be said enough times, to help the career of ANY WRITER YOU LOVE, Buy, Read, Talk.
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