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This is the blog of Sarah Monette/Katherine Addison, a professional writer of horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Sarah Monette is my real name; Katherine Addison is a pen name, intended to be transparent.

If you've found me here, odds are pretty good you're looking for something to read, so the following is--to the best of my knowledge--a complete list of everything I've written that's available online:

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If you know of anything I've missed, please leave a comment!
4th-Apr-2011 06:47 pm - 5 things while LJ is here
ws: hamlet
1. saladinahmed is looking for a few good cartographers.

2. I am really tired of feeling like crap all the time.

3. OTOH, great dressage lesson yesterday, after which Milo got his revenge for having to admit I was the boss by (a.) depositing a generous pile of manure in the stable aisle, (b.) backing up to plant his foot in it, and then (c.) pretending he had not the least idea how to go forward again.


5. The pool was closed for maintenance all last week, but I got out there today. Of course, I forgot my watch. :P

Unknown amount of time, 20 laps.
308 miles, 10 laps.
4th-Mar-2011 07:23 pm - Project Valkyrie: waterlog
55 minutes, 1 mile. And apparently I forgot to log Wednesday, which was also 1 mile.

So 307 miles, 26 laps.
28th-Feb-2011 07:45 pm - Project Valkyrie: waterlog
50 minutes, 36 laps.
305 laps, 26 laps.

And, okay, "triple-X gentlemen's club" with your ads on my radio, let's put aside all of the skeeve and the skanky and the rest of it and talk about your promotional decisions. Because Couples' Night? Seriously?
25th-Feb-2011 07:39 pm - Project Valkyrie: waterlog
60 minutes. 36 laps, plus 1 helping the lifeguards get the lines across the middle of the pool for the free swim. So, 37 laps.

304 miles, 26 laps.

I am exhausted from being unable to sleep and having to get up early for the electricians, and because I'm exhausted, I'm depressed. Can't write, either, which NEVER helps. So I'll stand here in the rain and feel sorry for myself. Probably I've already lost my tail and just don't know it yet.
23rd-Feb-2011 08:47 pm - 5 things
1. 45 minutes, 30 laps (stopped early because of horrific headache)
303 miles, 25 laps

2. Did not wipe out on the icy sidewalk either leaving the house or coming home. Go team me!

3. Thank you, everyone, for your kind thoughts re: the First Ninja (who is also the Skinny Ninja, the Tsarina in Exile, and the Executive Transvestite; her sister is the Tubby Ninja, the Terminator, and the Action Transvestite). She is emphatically hungry today (she sat in the kitchen doorway making little moop noises at me while I mixed her pills into her food), so we soldier on with as much bravery and good will as we can.

4. The electricians will be back in the walls tomorrow to finish upgrading the house, starting at 8 a.m. This dovetails just beautifully with my current inability to get to sleep before 4.

5. Chattanooga has a baby snow leopard.
21st-Feb-2011 07:42 pm - Project Valkyrie: waterlog
40 minutes, 29 laps.
302 miles, 31 laps.

Plus fifteen minutes chipping the mastodon out of the glacier . . . I mean, de-icing the car.
18th-Feb-2011 10:41 pm - Project Valkyrie: waterlog
55 minutes, 1 mile.
302 miles, 2 laps.
14th-Feb-2011 07:38 pm - 5 things, chlorine and echoes edition
ws: hamlet
1. Project Valkyrie
60 minutes, 40 laps.
301 miles, 2 laps.

2. Everything is melting. The world is a mess. And Wisconsin's new governor is just going from strength to fucking strength.

3. My wrists have been bothering me, and with all the sleep dysfunction nonsense, I don't have much energy, plus I have a book to revise and another half a book to write (matociquala writes the other half), so blogging is probably going to be light and sporadic for the next little while. Just so you all know.

4. I know they're deadly carnivores who would eat me in a heartbeat, but I have a hopeless soft spot for polar bears. Especially when they're as cute as this little one and his or her mom.

5. I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day (too many years in public school), but I am a big fan of love. So here's some itty bitty kitty Valentines committee pictures.
9th-Feb-2011 07:48 pm - Project Valkyrie: waterlog
60 minutes, 37 laps.
299 miles, 34 laps.

New winter experience #22: scraping ice off the inside of the windshield.
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